Hidden Meaning

Hidden Meaning 1

                This piece was designed with the help of my son, Josh.  I “saw” it in my head and was ready to torch a canvas to make it happen when he took over the torching. I think it was when he heard the word “torch”.

A masonite board was cut to fit behind the canvas to hold the heavier pieces.  I covered this with newsprint and painted it with titan white then scrounged it up for the backdrop.  A stenciled image was glued down with matte gel medium then followed by bits & pieces of found art to fit the shape of the image.  So many pieces just happened to fit perfectly.  The canvas went through many morphs to end up with something I was okay with.  I covered glue and spaces in this piece with melted bees wax.  By covering the gaps with the wax it made the embellishments cohesive with the image.

P.S.: If you can’t see the image squint at it from a distance.  She speaks for herself…

“Do What You Can, Where You Are, With What You Have”

“Dot” a.k.a.: Former Expensive Blouse

Some people say I’m crafty – some say I’m scrappy.  All I know is that I like to repurpose things in crafty, scrappy ways.  I’m a “rejuvenator”.  Putting new life into worn out things sends a message.  Usually my creations literally do send messages others are more subtle.

“Do what you can, where you are, with what you have” became my motto and my mantra as a young wife and mother.  I would repeat it often in the years to come and it has never let me down.  Ideas will start to flow with this simple problem solving technique.

“Do what you can”…right now, in this moment…”Where you are”…you often have just what you need…”With what you have”…look around you.  Be still; listen, for the ideas will flow when the need arises – if you let it.  It can become a life style and a challenge to create decorations for our houses, toys & costumes for our children & clothes with what we have on hand.  Just look at it differently.

I can’t say all my creations were good ideas but they say that “mistakes are the portals of discovery”.  I found that it is best not to re-use underwear elastic because everyone knows where it came from.  I learned to check out a fabric scrap completely before you cut it up for a doll and it was an expensive blouse of my daughters that I was going to mend.  But working with the mistakes I made often led to new ideas.  My motto is a good one and now I challenge others to do the same.  We are so fortunate to have the opportunity to put our skills to work with the worn out and forgotten arts and creations of the past.

When I look at the linens and needlework that manage to drift down to me, I am touched that a person spent their time and talents to make something so precious.  Displaying them as art then sharing them can create bonds with others that lead to interesting conversations and friendships.  It’s a marriage of the Past and the Present in an artful way.

By looking at things in different ways we can create unusual, one of a kind pieces to make our homes cozy and warm.  When we do this, a funny thing happens.  Our hearts and our lives become cozy and warm too.  “Doing what you can…where you are…with what you have will always increase your creativity in making your home more inviting to others.