Found Art

I always dreamed about being a “real” artist.  From the time I was a little girl I could see shapes and designs.  It went beyond seeing shapes in the clouds to seeing the faces that emerged in the tiles on our bathroom floor.  Although this sounds rather “spooky” that ability is still there when I look down at a remnant of rusty metal or a squashed bottle cap.  I am filled with awe because I couldn’t create that on purpose and it could have been unseen forever!  I must confess that I am a recycling trash collector.

Two of my favorite places for collecting, is in the gutters on streets and car washes.  Literally one man’s trash is definitely my treasure.  I go to great lengths to get my trash such as paying grandsons to go to the car washes to collect trash, to bribing, finally to ask for rusty trash for birthdays or Christmas presents.  Those closest to me bring me little offerings that fall into their paths – I hoard them like pirate treasure.

I have stashes of rusty metals just waiting to be put to use.  These stashes have perplexed my husband as to why I would want boxes of trash.  I assured him that there is something there even if I don’t know what it is yet.  He turns his head with a shake as I show him my hand sanitizer and assure him that my tetanus shots are up-to-date.

When “Mixed Media” became a classification of art – I had found my niche.  With the freedom of not having to explain myself nor my collections anymore, I was able to experiment.  Incorporating the techniques I’ve mastered over the years and my love of sewing, painting, designing, and re-purposing I could create unusual finished pieces.  The serendipity in the process of finding just the right piece to fit becomes a personal spiritual experience.  Now, while I don’t explain or apologize for my collections, I do have to explain Mixed Media Art.  It’s a world without limitations!

They say life is a journey.  I have explored the fascinating path of an artist.  It is not just putting paint to canvas; it is putting your heart on it – whatever way that is.  By following the path of a “creative” we can let loose the artists within.  Mixed Media & Found Art has given this self-taught artist the permission to call herself a recycling artist instead of a trash collector…

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