Ship on a Course


This collage was done a few years ago. I could never put the meaning into words. It was based on the emotions, feelings, and spiritual pondering of that time. When I asked my husband, Bob, what he thought it wasn’t very flattering. That is okay and rather funny to me but part of me wanted more of a validation. My son and daughter came across it the other day so I asked them what they “saw”. This is what Jennifer offered:

“This piece looks like a ship on a course.  I see imagination, quiet, peace but mystery…a personal collection on a journey.

In view of taking care of your mind and you life’s course, it looks like a ship – I liken each us to an individual ship that we have to protect, do upkeep and maintain daily.  We need to navigate with purpose. Our ship is where we harbor our imagination, aspirations, beliefs, emotions, collected knowledge, “ourselves”.  It deserves our protection and our diligence and it’s where we develop our purpose and individuality.

Sometimes we let others steer our ship, or influence our navigation – that’s where who we trust and admire matters!

Sometimes we take on loads for others – that’s where it is important to know how much extra cargo we can handle.

Sometimes we go on journeys on our own – which is necessary.

Sometimes we dock to refresh – and this choice is important, location, location, location!

I’ve been hardcore parenting young adults lately, can you tell?”

So, my friends, Jennifer put words to those emotions & thoughts of so long ago. Jason took the collage for his office hopefully using it to speak to the young people he encounters on a daily basis. And Bob, well he is probably very glad that this particular collage took a different course…

What do you see?

Stir Up Those Gifts


“Stir up the gifts within thee…Bring to light the things I have shown you.  Take the advance, move on. Don’t hold back, instead bring forth.  The depths of your soul are deep and filled with many treasures. It takes time and a willingness to seek out and find them.  By moving on ahead and by pressing on you will find the treasures you seek. Continually look and look carefully or you will miss them. Some are so small they are easy to overlook. These very treasures, when found, bring the most value. Begin now…search…”

Thirty three ago on that Monday morning I was hungry for revelation, visions, poetry, writings & insights. I still hunger for God’s attention.

My hope is that I never out-grow my hunger. I dance and twirl, jump up & down showing God my latest tricks but it is when I get quiet & crawl up into His lap that I am fed.

written on August 13, 1984 Monday Morning

Liberty Falls




the state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one’s way of life, behavior, or political views.

synonyms: independencefreedomautonomysovereigntyself-governmentself-ruleself-determination;


Prior to the election 2016, as I was having my morning coffee, my eyes went to my sideboard and rested on a small battered statue that had been tossed around enough to decapitate the head.  As I pondered why this was there and my concerns for the upcoming election the message was clear.

America has lost her way.

Her torch that lit the way is gone.  Her head that guided our course has broken off.  Once she served God but now has chosen “self”.  Her thinking has become a defective illusion based on what man thinks is best.  It is impossible for man to see the whole only God can do that.


Without a head there can be no vision, therefore, no future or a bleak one at that.

Communication fails because there is no mouth to speak out for justice.

She cannot hear the cries of the hungry, the poor, nor the tired any longer.  She has no ear to turn toward her own children.

April 2017 022

The hand that held the torch to light the way is gone.  There is no loving touch.  She cannot minister to herself let alone others.

American is the home of the Brave.  We are the home of the Free.  We are the refuge for the lonely.

Now is the time for rebuilding America.  We cannot hold evil at bay if we implode from within.  Entitlement needs to be put on the altar as we become contributors, each and every person on this soil. Energies need to be focused on that rebuilding.

The election is over. It might not have gone the way you wanted. All I can say is…