I have some “Hang-Ups”

Yes, it’s true. All my friends and family know about most of them.  Being kind people they don’t air them out in public. My secrets are safe with them. However, Somerset Home magazine actually published some of them when they found out about them. You can check them out here: <a href=”https://stampington.com/Somerset-Home-Spring-2016“><img

Maybe, I should say that the rest of my hang-ups should stay between us friends…

“Upcycled Art Collages”

Green Craft magazine is a phenomenal magazine that publishes articles on recycled, repurposed, revamped, reworked items that would normally be thrown out.  From my early days of homemaking I developed a system to repurpose whatever I could.  I learned how to make do with what I had.  I want to say, in looking back, it has served me well. I developed talents that I didn’t know I had.

It was an honor when I was told that a couple of the pieces I created were going to be published.  Knowing that there are many, many like minded people makes my day!

Be inspired and get a copy…

Greencraft Why Not 2014