Altered Dolls

I don’t know if it is the waste of all the dolls left naked and abandoned at thrift stores that I hate seeing, or if it is the remnants of my childhood wanting to cut and style their hair that prompts me to alter dolls.  Whatever it is, I set out on a regular basis to rescue and re-purpose these cast away dolls, left behind by someone who has outgrown them.

These dolls became an armature or canvas for my serendipitous approach to creating “The Woodlands.”  They differ in looks and temperaments and I never seem to be able to predict how they turn out.  They are “one of a kind” creations, due to  my inability to remember how I assembled each before, as well as being mostly constructed with found art.  “The Woodlands” are not slapped together quickly, and tend to stay with me for a few years before I know that they are finished.

G. David Walter said, “Sometimes I write just to find out what happens next.”  These are words I understand.  I work on these dolls just to find out who they are.

Check out “The Woodlands” to learn more about them and their adventures.

To learn more about purchasing one of these unique dolls and other found art treasures, go to my Etsy shop: 

2 thoughts on “Altered Dolls

  1. Connie & I have been going through some “things” at my mom’s house and I brought home 3 or 4 of my old dolls — size “walking doll thru thumblelina”. They are really in poor shape, in fact one of them is downright scary! I can’t bear to just throw them in the trash although that’s probably where they belong. I’ll have to check out your Etsy site and see what you’ve done.


    1. Debbie…Hi! Hope you are well. I keep thinking about your dolls. Could you send me a picture of them? I have run across some things you can do with them to make them into an art piece. I’m working on a couple of mine & I keep coming back to this note. Then again you may not want to dis-assemble them. Plus it depends on your decor. You may not want a creepy doll head hanging out. They crack me up so I don’t mind them. Lol…Ruthan


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