Hidden Meaning

Hidden Meaning 1

                This piece was designed with the help of my son, Josh.  I “saw” it in my head and was ready to torch a canvas to make it happen when he took over the torching. I think it was when he heard the word “torch”.

A masonite board was cut to fit behind the canvas to hold the heavier pieces.  I covered this with newsprint and painted it with titan white then scrounged it up for the backdrop.  A stenciled image was glued down with matte gel medium then followed by bits & pieces of found art to fit the shape of the image.  So many pieces just happened to fit perfectly.  The canvas went through many morphs to end up with something I was okay with.  I covered glue and spaces in this piece with melted bees wax.  By covering the gaps with the wax it made the embellishments cohesive with the image.

P.S.: If you can’t see the image squint at it from a distance.  She speaks for herself…

4 thoughts on “Hidden Meaning

  1. Sure miss seeing you. I noticed that you used wax to fill in gaps in your painting. Have you heard of cold wax? It is bees was with a bit of resin to help it dry and harden No need to melt or use heat. I have been using it for several years now and really like how it works with oil paints.

    1. I miss you, too! Do you ever get together at Emy’s? No, I haven’t heard about the cold wax. It is hard to control the hot so I will look into it. Thanks for the tip.

      1. No more group at Emy. I am in a drawing group in St. Peter on Monday am. We find people to pose for us and we draw portraits. A very good and close group.

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