Satisfied With His Manna

…a Word of the Lord from times past…

Yes, you have My forgiveness. Seek My peace & contentment. Fear not the hours of the day or the night for I watch over you like a mother eagle. I hover over you at the dawn & at the dusk. I count your pinions and I reimburse. I count it a joy to behold you and to be a part of you.

Speak forth these marvels you are about to see and feel. They are a small part of Me, but expansive. They grow & stretch as with any need. They come & go as your breath…invisible but real…made up of certain components but sure.

I will expand your horizons & dreams. I will diminish your fears & failings. Those things you seek shall be given unto you. Go in peace, walk in peace.

Manifest My goodness to the world around you. Speak forth My words & gain understanding, re-establish yourself with Me, with My Word spoken to you. Do not seek a feast or Sundays & famine or the week.  Seek a constant diet on a daily basis & a daily balance.  Open My Word & I will minister to you effectively. Labor not over this, just yield. Do not feel confused; just be willing to be led. Be willing to be shown. I will do the rest. I am the teacher; do not feel you must tutor yourself. It is my job & obligation to fulfill My purposes in you.  All you must do is be willing & yield.

Show Me the pathway for your feet & I will show you the gold & treasure upon the way. You are precious to Me & I give you My heart. I share with you the treasures brought up within My being. I share them readily with you & lovingly bid you to enjoy & be satisfied with the manna I serve.

Behold the Goodness of the Lord!!