Morning Thoughts on Intercessing…

This is supposed to help…writing that is…capturing the random thoughts that seem worthy of documenting.  Sometimes I wonder if it is a procrastination technique that is acceptable.  Other times I know that it helps energize me.  I look back & see what my priorities are because that is what comes to the surface.

Yesterday @ church Bob was talking about “Ozzie” (a.k.a. Oswald Chambers)* nailing him once again.  Ozzie has that way about him.  It was on the gift of discernment & what we are supposed to do with it.  Life comes when we see the “fault” in another & turn to God with it in prayer.  Intercede for that person, find God’s opinion about them & let it rest with Him.  Like a butterfly lifting his wings to the air.  In turn God will give life to that and work in the person’s heart.  The reverse is true if we see the fault & keep it to ourselves it starts to decay.  The longer we hold it the more it festers & works a type of death, not in the other person but IN US!  It leads to resentment that turns to bitterness which sometimes becomes a disease in our physical body.  Let it Go…

Thought:  Do all of our spiritual gifts become stale, spoiled, rotten if we don’t give them back to God & keep them for ourselves?

Further discussion with Bob on the way to the airport; Intercessors are the most overlooked people by man & fellow Christians. Not by God though!  He has to count on them to bring Heaven onto the Earth.  It brings new light to the statement, “if you want to be great in the Kingdom of God, learn to be a servant of all”.  Intercessors are key to the battle.  We are placed by God into vocations; work places etc. for His purposes not just to buy the bacon.

Maybe this is a method of harnessing random thoughts not just capturing them…

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