Liberty Falls




the state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one’s way of life, behavior, or political views.

synonyms: independencefreedomautonomysovereigntyself-governmentself-ruleself-determination;


Prior to the election 2016, as I was having my morning coffee, my eyes went to my sideboard and rested on a small battered statue that had been tossed around enough to decapitate the head.  As I pondered why this was there and my concerns for the upcoming election the message was clear.

America has lost her way.

Her torch that lit the way is gone.  Her head that guided our course has broken off.  Once she served God but now has chosen “self”.  Her thinking has become a defective illusion based on what man thinks is best.  It is impossible for man to see the whole only God can do that.


Without a head there can be no vision, therefore, no future or a bleak one at that.

Communication fails because there is no mouth to speak out for justice.

She cannot hear the cries of the hungry, the poor, nor the tired any longer.  She has no ear to turn toward her own children.

April 2017 022

The hand that held the torch to light the way is gone.  There is no loving touch.  She cannot minister to herself let alone others.

American is the home of the Brave.  We are the home of the Free.  We are the refuge for the lonely.

Now is the time for rebuilding America.  We cannot hold evil at bay if we implode from within.  Entitlement needs to be put on the altar as we become contributors, each and every person on this soil. Energies need to be focused on that rebuilding.

The election is over. It might not have gone the way you wanted. All I can say is…




2 thoughts on “Liberty Falls

  1. Thanks for this really well written article. Great images. I hope you get lots of good reviews and views. Hugs and miss seeing you. Happy Blessed Easter.Margie



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