Changing My Paradigm

Monet's Garden Close Up

“There are times when God chooses to confound the proud to change our paradigms of experience.  You can’t experience God from your standpoint of logic”.  Oswald Chambers…My Utmost for His Highest

This is from my friend “Ossie”, no disrespect intended.  It’s funny that I understand it and like the profoundness of the statement, even with my rephrasing it a bit.  But I have to look up the meaning of “paradigm”…Just a second…

Paradigm: One that serves as a pattern or model…An example.

I could use a paradigm shift. Get out of the norm. But, I want it to be my choice of what kind of paradigm it is. I want it to be answered prayer. I want it to be awesomely cool and it to be a good thing, nothing bad. I want it to be obvious. Like a petulant child I have all these “rules” for God to follow so we can play. Interesting, isn’t it?

What if the paradigms are in the sunset?  What if the paradigm is in the morning rain?  What if it’s in the walking stick we found a few weeks ago? What if it’s waking up at 2:00 a.m. and writing out the dialogue for a children’s book? What if it’s in my child’s new relationship? What if it’s in that argument last week? What if it is in the death of my close friend?

From that perspective I’m going to wipe the slate clean of all my rules and just open my heart to the awesomeness of the One that saved me and gave me all His paradigms.  I’ll allow Him to be boss and make the rules to follow. He will do what He thinks best.  My job and only job is to have an open heart to recognize His interaction in my life.

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