Tried and True: Fire Starters

Gather Supplies

The best way to start a fire is to give it something to think about…

Supply List

Dryer Lint
Toilet paper tubes
or pressed paper egg cartons
Paraffin or old candle wax
Old can to melt wax
Bigger sauce pan to hold water

Pack dryer lint into tubes or egg carton until full.  Melt wax in a tin can that is setting in the sauce pan filled with water.  (This keeps the wax hot enough to melt but keeps it from bursting into flame).  Melt wax over med heat.  Be careful the wax will become very hot and can cause injury or fire.

 Caleb's bare feet 106

Pour melted wax over the dryer lint

  Caleb's bare feet 109 Caleb's bare feet 110

Allow to set up

Caleb's bare feet 108

Build your fire with the help of a well-crafted fire-starter…

Caleb's bare feet 138

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