Life’s Perfect Then There’s a Banana on the Table


Is it a matter of control or pride?  The room was  “perfect” when I left it.  All was in order and there were no dust bunnies or spider mobiles hanging from the ceiling…at least in that moment.  Upon returning later in the day I found a perfectly placed banana peel on the table.  It was such an artful pose that only a food artist could have arranged it.  The food artists in our house are not necessarily pros so I started out to find the culprit…I had a pretty good idea of who it was.  It didn’t take long to find him in his office.  The best part of confronting him is the silent giggles that come out.  It’s a bit of a “hee-hee-hee-squeak”…My husband immediately took credit for the vignette and was so pleased with it that he had to leave it just for me.  It was a flick of the wrist and it landed so “arty”.

I like to decorate and make arrangements for the house and the family knows that I don’t like to re-do them.  The house suits me…hence the pride and the control.  When there is a banana peel on the table I stop to take notice.  I don’t necessarily expect the life lessons that come with it, after all it’s just a banana peel.

Banana peels in life are what cause us to introspect & determine what is important in life.  The snickering of a faithful husband is priceless.  The value of a warm loving family is a precious treasure.  Being molded by a faithful Creator into what I was designed to be is more powerful than a stormy sea.

The amusement of a banana peel on the table is a lesson in “letting go” and embracing the serendipity of life’s purpose on our journey.  We can’t be sure of where we will end up but we can have great fun getting there together!


One thought on “Life’s Perfect Then There’s a Banana on the Table

  1. Ha – all your posts are great, Ruthan, keep going, don’t stop.
    They are all different, but all great. I see why you had trouble knowing how to categorize them.


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