Tried and True: Fire Starters

Gather Supplies

The best way to start a fire is to give it something to think about…

Supply List

Dryer Lint
Toilet paper tubes
or pressed paper egg cartons
Paraffin or old candle wax
Old can to melt wax
Bigger sauce pan to hold water

Pack dryer lint into tubes or egg carton until full.  Melt wax in a tin can that is setting in the sauce pan filled with water.  (This keeps the wax hot enough to melt but keeps it from bursting into flame).  Melt wax over med heat.  Be careful the wax will become very hot and can cause injury or fire.

 Caleb's bare feet 106

Pour melted wax over the dryer lint

  Caleb's bare feet 109 Caleb's bare feet 110

Allow to set up

Caleb's bare feet 108

Build your fire with the help of a well-crafted fire-starter…

Caleb's bare feet 138

“Take Care of Maxwell”

I’ve only know “Maxwell” for 45 minutes.  I’ve spent only 1 1/2 hours around him…in the same room as him.  He is brown haired.  I’m not even sure his eyes are brown…I say they are because there is a warmth to him.  He is slightly built but then he is only 5, so of course he’s slight.

He’s a “thinker”.  His hand holds a pencil with respect for what it does as he writes his numbers up to 30.

Maxwell is a very brave little soul, although he doesn’t know it yet.  He may be what they call an “old soul”.  I’ll know when I have spent more time with him.

My heart cries – “Take care of Maxwell”

My eyes brim over – just take care of Maxwell…

Take care of Maxwell…

Take care of Maxwell…

From Deep Within…

These things I search for…

Bringing them up from my depths.

Things I long for

Without my knowledge.

Yearnings without name or focus

There, even though.

Time spent to sort them

Time spent to recognize them.

Bringing them out to look at,

Wondering what they mean…

Where did you come from?

You are like the wind.

With no beginning,

With no end.

They are God given.

He has authored them in me.

Some are troubling.

I am overwhelmed.

I put them away

For another day…

I ponder them…

Looking for clues.

I collect God’s insights

To put them together…

For the next time

I pull them up…

From deep within

Life’s Perfect Then There’s a Banana on the Table


Is it a matter of control or pride?  The room was  “perfect” when I left it.  All was in order and there were no dust bunnies or spider mobiles hanging from the ceiling…at least in that moment.  Upon returning later in the day I found a perfectly placed banana peel on the table.  It was such an artful pose that only a food artist could have arranged it.  The food artists in our house are not necessarily pros so I started out to find the culprit…I had a pretty good idea of who it was.  It didn’t take long to find him in his office.  The best part of confronting him is the silent giggles that come out.  It’s a bit of a “hee-hee-hee-squeak”…My husband immediately took credit for the vignette and was so pleased with it that he had to leave it just for me.  It was a flick of the wrist and it landed so “arty”.

I like to decorate and make arrangements for the house and the family knows that I don’t like to re-do them.  The house suits me…hence the pride and the control.  When there is a banana peel on the table I stop to take notice.  I don’t necessarily expect the life lessons that come with it, after all it’s just a banana peel.

Banana peels in life are what cause us to introspect & determine what is important in life.  The snickering of a faithful husband is priceless.  The value of a warm loving family is a precious treasure.  Being molded by a faithful Creator into what I was designed to be is more powerful than a stormy sea.

The amusement of a banana peel on the table is a lesson in “letting go” and embracing the serendipity of life’s purpose on our journey.  We can’t be sure of where we will end up but we can have great fun getting there together!